Peer Pelvics

Just a brief update on the peer pelvic experience: overall, absolutely stellar. They were fun, intimate, very educational, and only marginally uncomfortable (we were in groups of three, which meant one person was examined twice by each of her peers, and let me tell you…by the end of the second exam…boy, were you ready to have that speculum removed!). The strangest part of the entire experience? Having a professor perform a bimanual on you. Honestly, I had totally forgotten about that aspect of it until this morning in class, but basically, the professor went in and examined each of us and recorded the findings so that she’d know what was there, and then the student would have a go at it. This way, if the student thought she was feeling the uterus to the left, and it was really to the right, the professor could correct her and help her find the right position. The recorded findings will be given to the professors who are grading us during the check-out exams, so that they’ll know what the student is supposed to be feeling/finding, if that makes any sense at all. Our professor (different from the one who taught us pelvimetry, but another good egg) was lovely throughout the entire thing, cracking jokes where appropriate, gently guiding us through it, putting us at ease. Amazing to see the beautiful variation in all of our bodies, even among only three of us. Women’s bodies are so neat! By the time we were up to the last person, we’d already gotten so much faster at doing the exams, and were much more comfortable with our speculums. We even practiced pelvimetry on each other. I found out that I have a totally adequate pelvis, mostly gynecoid, with some anthropoid features. So, in other words, when I finally get around to being pregnant, it shouldn’t really be a problem getting a baby through my pelvis. That’s always nice to hear! However, it’s been a long day, and in the interest of my sanity, I have decided to blow off the homework for an evening, eat some ice cream, possibly watch a movie, and get some sleep. My partner, the Southern Belle, will be coming over tomorrow night so we can run through the exams again and again and again until we both have it down cold, because…


Right. Where’s that ice cream??

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