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A NYC homebirth

This beautiful birth happened right here in NYC, with a NYC-based homebirth midwife. Thank you so much for sharing your birth story with us!! There was nothing in the classes that we both took leading up to the birth that could have prepared us for the overwhelming experience of our home birth. It was truly […]

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The morality of forced motherhood?

Wow, just read a brutally blunt article over at the Tennessee Guerilla Women website that really lays into the morality of forcing women to have unwanted babies in a society that is anti-family, anti-health and anti-life (and no, not life as in pro-life, but anti-living well and healthy, on every level: physical, emotional, spiritual etc.). […]

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Women, women, everywhere

In a valiant attempt to work myself into a limp and bloody pulp, I decided to go to work last night because they were understaffed and desperate for an extra nurse, and were begging and pleading, and I thought that even though I had already spent 8 hours on my feet all day doing clinicals, […]

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IUD Insertion!

I inserted my first IUD today! I did it mostly on my own, with my preceptor checking my sounding and talking me through the procedure, and I was amazed by how simple it was. After learning all of the steps in school, and being tested on them during our IUD check-outs, it seemed like a […]

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South Dakota set to ban abortions

This didn’t take long at all.

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Welcome to the Bronx

Well, I didn’t exactly get thrown into the deep end, but I wasn’t eased in quite as gently as I might have hoped, either—so I guess, all things being equal, my first day of clinicals certainly could have been much worse. I met my preceptors, and they both sort of threw me for a loop. […]

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Clinical nerves

So, just a quick update on the clinical front. I went up to my clinical site again last Thursday to take the policies and procedure course (taught by Ms. V, and honestly, very well done—these classes are always a bit of a chore, but she was brisk and humorous and helped us zero in on […]

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Breastfeeding triumphant

I’ve been working the past two nights, and absolutely loving it, actually. I’ve been on Postpartum, and have just had a lovely crop of women to take care of. Sadly, at my hospital, most women tend to keep their babies in the nursery all night, despite my best efforts to encourage rooming-in. And sadly, breastfeeding […]

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Wonderous Vulva Puppets

OMG, check these out!! Wonderous Vulva Puppets! How absolutely, amazingly gorgeous! We wantssss one, precioussssss, yes, we do. The artist, Dorrie Lane, has named every puppet after a sacred feminine Goddess—she even has a puppet named after Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Love and joy (and fertility, and birth), and one of my own personal […]

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Midwives in the news

Check out this article on the front page of today’s New York Times, discussing the rising incidence of gestational diabetes in New York, and what a worrisome trend this is. And then check out the fact that CNMs are quoted: “It’s really disturbing to us that women come into their pregnancies obese and then leave […]

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