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An update on the Toys ‘R Us nurse-in

Apparently, 300 people showed up to last week’s Nurse-in at Toys ‘R Us! Wow! Go NYC breastfeeding community! It’s so sad that actions like this are even needed in the first place, but I bet Toys ‘R Us will never make the mistake of harrassing and calling security on a breastfeeding woman again, and every […]

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The Suturing Saga continues

Here you can see the lovely vaginas we cut out of our foam blocks to practice on. Notice that the eipisiotomy I cut is crooked. I’ve colored in the different layers: red = muscle layer, pink = submucosal, blue = subcutaneous, purple = subcuticular, and the edge is the mucocutaneous border. All so nice and […]

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Suturing sucks

I feel like I’ve just barely been holding it together the past few weeks, and just barely (by the skin of my teeth) managing to keep on top of things…not that I’m even coming close to getting all of my reading and homework done, but I’ve been doing enough to feel like I’m working hard […]

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ACLU joins the Toys ‘R Us fray

Just a quick update on the Toys ‘R Us breastfeeding harrassment I posted about the other day: the ACLU has taken up Chelsi Meyerson’s cause. While breastfeeding harrassment and intolerance probably occurs every minute of every day all over this country, it’s not every day that the ACLU gets involved. So this is really becoming […]

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National Advocates for Pregnant Women

Today I missed one hell of an opportunity: I was invited, along with several other feminist bloggers and activists (and cheers to Melissa from A Womb of Her Own for asking them to extend the invitiation my way), to partipate in a conference call with Lynn Paltrow, the executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant […]

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Breastfeeding harassment in our own backyard

CORRECTION: Nurse-in at Toys ‘R Us Times Square will occur at 11:00 am on Thurs. 9/21, and not 10:30. Breastfeeding harassment in the Big Apple, at a children’s store, no less. And how ironic that this should happen here, in NY State, where we have some of the most protective and progressive breastfeeding legislature of […]

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Trust birth

Look what happens when you do. This is a birth that could have gone so differently if the midwife involved had acted out of fear instead of trust.

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C-sections: Not so benign after all, eh?

Two studies have recently come out which highlight the risks of cesarean birth for both mothers and babies, particularly primary cesareans with no medical indication. A recent study printed in Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care found that neonatal mortality rates were higher in babies born by cesarean, even after the statistics had been adjusted for […]

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Remember where the heart is

So, here’s what I’m taking this semester: Intrapartum Neonatology Postpartum Intro to Teaching And eeegads, that’s a lot! IP and Neo alone are enough to snow someone under, and then they’re putting postpartum and teaching on top of that? When am I going to breathe this semester, let alone eat, sleep, work and blog? But […]

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Welcome back!

I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging. Our move this summer created a long stretch without internet, and I must admit, once I got used to a life without daily internet needs, it was hard to return to the wired world. While I’m a bit disappointed with my somewhat less than inspired summer blogging […]

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