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Question Kegels?

One of my pregnant patients was asking me the other day about what your vagina is like after giving birth.  I reassured her that the tissue of the vagina and the perineum usually comes together very easily after a delivery, even if she tore, and that the perineum usually heals beautifully after a birth (a […]

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More mother than midwife, these days

Well into my second month of maternity leave, now, it is finally dawning on me that I am a mother.  You might laugh at this.  Didn’t I know I was going to be a mother, from pretty much the moment the pee stick turned positive?  Didn’t I fully understand that this was the logical outcome […]

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Well done, NPR!

NPR has a great series up on their website right now called Beginnings: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond, which explores myriad aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, from cultural, economic, global and scientific perspectives.  Overall, an incredibly balanced and informative series, well worth checking out (I’m especially enjoying the Baby Project, which is a blog following the […]

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An Oversupply Issue

When you hear about breastfeeding in the world and the blogosphere, usually it’s either to educate women on the merits of breastfeeding, or to discuss women’s right to breastfeed in public, or to promote breastfeeding in general, or lament the low breastfeeding stats in our country.  We all know that breast is best, but you […]

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The first growth spurt–truly no joke!!

I knew, going into all of this, that all babies hit their first growth spurt around 3 weeks or so, and that during this time they want to nurse constantly and are more fussy than usual.  I actually, logically KNEW about this before it happened; I had advised mothers about this, told women that this […]

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People ask me a lot of questions, and unfortunately I rarely get a chance to post very many of them here. However, I thought this was a particularly good one, and might be useful to other readers as well, so here we go: “I came across your website when I was google searching the words […]

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Bloomberg boosts breastfeeding

Via Gothamist, New York City mayor Mike Bloomber has recently pledged $2 million dollars to city-run hospitals for the promotion of breastfeeding, with the goal of getting more women to breastfeed for six months or longer. “We don’t yet have any hospitals in New York City that meet national ‘baby-friendly’ standards,” Bloomberg’s health commissioner, Dr. […]

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Postpartum Depression

You’d think that by now I’d be good at this whole advocating for women/ advocating for myself thing, but I’m not. It takes practice, and it’s really depressing when I’m unable to find the personal power, the chutzpah, the whatever it takes, to actually say what needs to be said. A case in point: A […]

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NYC breastfeeding test

In response to the highly publicized nurse-in at Toys ‘R Us a few weeks ago, Daily News writer Tracy Connor decided to conduct her own test of NYC’s breastfeeding tolerance by nursing her 3 month old daughter in a variety of public places around the city. You can read the entire article over at Hip […]

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Formula: the new big mac?

So, I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m back, but I’m certainly around again, which is a start (although woefully behind on all the latest news). Moving is a drag, and this move has been a very long, drawn out process. Would you believe that most of our stuff is still in boxes??? We’ve spackled and […]

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