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Healing after a Miscarriage

Hi, lovelies.  It’s certainly been awhile, and a lot has been going on.  I promise I will write some updates soon, but a great deal has been happening and I haven’t quite been able to process all of it yet.  Once the processing is finished, the posts will come.  In the meantime, I thought I’d […]

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A man’s take on breastfeeding

This story has been making the rounds, but here’s a really fantastic post on the (Wo)Men Speak Out Blog about a man’s reaction to his wife’s breastfeeding, and his eventual evolution as a man because of it.  Yes, breasts can be sexual, but they’re also incredibly functional.  He wonders if it’s our discomfort with the […]

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Cooking with Milk

So, my darling boy is nearly six months, which means that solid foods are just around the corner. In preparation for this, I’ve begun to research which foods we should start him out with, baby food in general. Our pediatrician, while incredibly open-minded and holistic in other areas, has actually proved to be a bit […]

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More mother than midwife, these days

Well into my second month of maternity leave, now, it is finally dawning on me that I am a mother.  You might laugh at this.  Didn’t I know I was going to be a mother, from pretty much the moment the pee stick turned positive?  Didn’t I fully understand that this was the logical outcome […]

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Well done, NPR!

NPR has a great series up on their website right now called Beginnings: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond, which explores myriad aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, from cultural, economic, global and scientific perspectives.  Overall, an incredibly balanced and informative series, well worth checking out (I’m especially enjoying the Baby Project, which is a blog following the […]

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