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An Oversupply Issue

When you hear about breastfeeding in the world and the blogosphere, usually it’s either to educate women on the merits of breastfeeding, or to discuss women’s right to breastfeed in public, or to promote breastfeeding in general, or lament the low breastfeeding stats in our country.  We all know that breast is best, but you […]

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Sebastian’s Birth Story

Awhile ago, during the pregnancy, I joined an online forum with other women who were also pregnant and due in May, and this group of women became my “due date club.”  About halfway through our pregnancies, we decided to do a bead swap, where most of the women of the group decided to send each […]

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Homebirth in the Washington Post

Just a quick link to a recent article in the Washington Post about why a journalist there chose to have a planned homebirth.  I think she does a good job of articulating the many benefits associated with homebirth for low-risk women, but she also emphasized that this choice is not right for everyone (obviously).  Nice […]

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The first growth spurt–truly no joke!!

I knew, going into all of this, that all babies hit their first growth spurt around 3 weeks or so, and that during this time they want to nurse constantly and are more fussy than usual.  I actually, logically KNEW about this before it happened; I had advised mothers about this, told women that this […]

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