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AAP suggests possibility of “ritual nick” in place of FGC

In a controversial new statement, the American Academy o f Pediatrics (AAP) published a new policy statement on female genital cutting which suggested the possibility of doctors being allowed to perform a small, pinprick “ritual nick” in place of the more severe forms of female genital cutting (FGC).  FGC is a fairly common practice among […]

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A case in point…

…just to illustrate the bind that the homebirth midwives find themselves in at the moment after the closing of St. Vincents hospital and the subsequent loss of their back-up hospital/ written practice agreements (see yesterday’s post): Last night I was working (at the HHC public hospital in Brooklyn where I spend a good deal of […]

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Too Cute!

This is from Brownstoner, via NewYorkShitty.  Found in McCarren Park, Williamsburg, NY.  Totally cracks me up!

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Homebirth in NYC needs your help!

St. Vincents hospital was the most homebirth-midwife friendly hospital in Manhattan, and quite possibly in New York City, period.  It was certainly the only hospital in Manhattan which accommodated homebirth and homebirth midwives.  My own midwife delivered her patients there, and she would often comment to me about what a lovely set-up they had at […]

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Eeegads, we’ve been hacked!

Hi, long-lost ladies and gents!  I’ve been highly incognito, as the lack of action on this blog can attest to, and the legions of Viagra spammers took advantage of this and basically knocked  my blog out of commission, buried under mountains of spam (of course, the fact that I hadn’t upgraded my WordPress version in […]

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