Snowed Under

Right, so…I knew midwifery school wasn’t going to be a piece of cake or anything, and I am completely prepared to devote every scrap of energy I have to this endeavor…however, I just want to say: *gasp*!

Plunging into school like this has felt a bit like jumping into an icy pool of water. I am up to my neck in homework! I am a bit amazed by how much there is to read, and it’s only been a week so far! I’m still trying to catch up from last week at this point, and haven’t even had a chance to start to read ahead for next week’s lectures. Wheeee. I’d sort of gotten out of student mode. I’m sure a month from now I’ll be devouring whole chapters in a single sitting, but at this point…um…gotta get back in shape.

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