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It’s a boy!

Huge congratulations to my dear friend K who just gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy on Thursday, 4/13/06 at 12:09 pm at home, in a kiddy-pool (I’ve only heard a brief account of the birth, but it sounds as if the baby was born into her husband’s arms)!!! He’s a gorgeous chunk of a […]

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Up for air

It’s been awhile. Where has your intrepid student midwife been, lately?? Good question! I’ve been trying so hard to get some writing done for Belly Tales, but lately I’ve been so exhausted at night that all I do is crawl into bed around 1:00 am after finishing my homework, only to wake up the next […]

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Lost e-mail

This is going to sound somewhat strange, but sometimes a few of my posts are inundated with spam track-back comments, which just mucks up my inbox and dashboard, and requires deleting massive amounts of spam comments/e-mails all at once. Which I just finished doing. However, right as I hit the delete button, I noticed that […]

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New year wishes

If I could wish for anything for this site this year, it would be a brand new, shiny banner that actually features a belly, or something pretty and birth-related like that. I think I’ll make that a goal for this year: get thyself a new banner! Enough with the daisies already.

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Back in the saddle again

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwansa, Solstice and New Year! It’s been awhile. The end of the semester sort of caught me in a sudden blitz of work and stress, and I wasn’t able to find the time to update this site as I had hoped. I stayed up late, ate a ton of ice cream, […]

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In and out

Just a quick post to say that the Week of Swampedness is upon me. I am now officially *swamped*. Finals are in two weeks. I have a TON of work to get done, including my presentation on Hyperthyroidism (tomorrow), my second research chapter (due next monday) and my first final exam in Physical Health Assessment […]

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Updates all around

I’ve been a bad blogger, lately, and haven’t been writing posts nearly as often as I should. Which is not to say that nothing has been happening lately (in fact, I’ve been quite busy, and have been having a hard time finding a moment to write), but none of it has seemed particularly news-worthy. School […]

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Suggestions, anyone?

A little administrivia. There are a few topics on this website that have no posts at all yet, or are otherwise a little thin. Which I would happily amend, but I need a few suggestions. I created the new products section because I thought it would be neat to review and discuss new products that […]

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And don’t forget the vulva coin purse!

Just saw this on All About My Vagina. The lucky vulva coin purse! How cool is that?? Complete with pearl to polish! We wantss one, yesss, preciouss, we do. I love the satin labia minora, and the faux fur on the outside. Awesome. If any crafty person was wondering what to get me for the […]

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The Pelvis, Chief Justice nominee, and Miles for Midwives

We had a quick consultation yesterday with the professor who will be teaching us the pelvic part of our physical assessment class, which will begin in October. She had a three ring binder with her that was 4″ thick, filled to the brim with paper, and all of this was our pelvic unit. It was […]

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