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Tight shoulders

So, my first week of clinicals ended last week, and I am only just now having an opportunity to sit down and write about it. Let me tell you a bit about my schedule: clinicals take up roughly 42 hours a week—2 labor and delivery shifts and 2 clinic shifts—plus one day a week in […]

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Trust birth

Look what happens when you do. This is a birth that could have gone so differently if the midwife involved had acted out of fear instead of trust.

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Birth on Labor Day

And of course, something needs to be said about Birth on Labor Day, aka BOLD, a new event slated to occur annually on Labor Day (appropriate, eh?). Created by playwright Karen Brody, and clearly modelled off of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues and the subsequent V-Day that was created to call attention to violence against women, […]

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A long awaited baby

I’m delighted to present another edition to the growing library of beautiful birth stories on this site, kindly submitted by RR. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! The birth of our son was very eagerly anticipated. Fourteen months before his due date, I had given birth to our first child, a […]

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Vaginal breech homebirth

And then people send me beautiful, delicious birth stories like the following, which was written by my friend Miriam, and I am so grateful that births like this exist! Congratulations on your lovely birth, which would have most likely become an emergency c-section if it had occurred in the hospital (since very few doctors know […]

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A NYC homebirth

This beautiful birth happened right here in NYC, with a NYC-based homebirth midwife. Thank you so much for sharing your birth story with us!! There was nothing in the classes that we both took leading up to the birth that could have prepared us for the overwhelming experience of our home birth. It was truly […]

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Women, women, everywhere

In a valiant attempt to work myself into a limp and bloody pulp, I decided to go to work last night because they were understaffed and desperate for an extra nurse, and were begging and pleading, and I thought that even though I had already spent 8 hours on my feet all day doing clinicals, […]

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Wonderous Vulva Puppets

OMG, check these out!! Wonderous Vulva Puppets! How absolutely, amazingly gorgeous! We wantssss one, precioussssss, yes, we do. The artist, Dorrie Lane, has named every puppet after a sacred feminine Goddess—she even has a puppet named after Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Love and joy (and fertility, and birth), and one of my own personal […]

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Belly beauty

This is a picture of one of my best friends in the entire world, who is 31 weeks pregnant this week. Isn’t she beautiful?? She and her husband have planned a homebirth with a local (Kentucky) midwife, and she’s due the second week of April, which also coincides with my spring break. If I’m lucky, […]

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Heather and Gabe’s Birth Story

Another birth story! Goodness, it’s raining babies. yay! Thank you, Heather and Gabe, for sharing your awesome (and action packed!) story. When it came time for my first yearly exam after moving to New Jersey, I went looking for a new obstetrician. My husband and I were hoping to have a second child in the […]

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