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First birth

Magic, magic, magic! I’m walking on air right now! Tired, elated, giddy, bouncy, prone to fits of giggling and wide smiles. I caught my first baby today!! Unbelievable. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for a better first day of clinicals. I am so blessed, and so very lucky. The day started bright and early […]

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The Eve of IP

My IP clinicals begin tomorrow, bright and early, a 12 hour day shift at the Brooklyn hospital where I will be doing my intrapartum clinicals. So, in less than 12 hours, I’ll be on the labor and delivery floor, in my scrubs, a student midwife about to catch her very first baby!!! Nervous? Hell yes! […]

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Last day of clinicals

Yes, it’s true, my antepartum/well-woman gyn ambulatory clinicals ended today, with a lot of mixed feelings involved! On the one hand, I’m thinking: thank the gods that’s over, because I need every spare millisecond to study now. On the other hand, I was just getting to the point that I was starting to feel like […]

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Further thoughts on FGM

The pendulum swings in one direction, and then it swings back again. Last night I was awash with guilt and worried that I hadn’t done the right thing. Today, as I continue to process and sift through my thoughts on this subject, I am beginning to change my mind on some of it. The circumcision […]

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Circumcision or mutilation?

The exam today began like any other routine postpartum exam: we talked about her birth, cooed over her baby, was she having any problems? Breastfeeding was going well? Bleeding had stopped? Had she started having sex again? What was she planning on using for birth control? Then, after all the listening and talking and note […]

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The sucky part

So, during every learning curve (and especially in health care), you go through the godawful phase where you know nothing, everything is difficult, your work is incredibly slow and laborious, you feel pathetically inept and incompetant, you are continually overwhelmed, and generally, find yourself wondering why in the world you ever wanted to be a […]

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IUD Insertion!

I inserted my first IUD today! I did it mostly on my own, with my preceptor checking my sounding and talking me through the procedure, and I was amazed by how simple it was. After learning all of the steps in school, and being tested on them during our IUD check-outs, it seemed like a […]

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Welcome to the Bronx

Well, I didn’t exactly get thrown into the deep end, but I wasn’t eased in quite as gently as I might have hoped, either—so I guess, all things being equal, my first day of clinicals certainly could have been much worse. I met my preceptors, and they both sort of threw me for a loop. […]

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Clinical nerves

So, just a quick update on the clinical front. I went up to my clinical site again last Thursday to take the policies and procedure course (taught by Ms. V, and honestly, very well done—these classes are always a bit of a chore, but she was brisk and humorous and helped us zero in on […]

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Clinical Trials

I wish I could say that my transition from the academic/theoretical portion of the semester to the clinical portion was going smoothly, but alas, ’tis not the case. The hospital I will be doing my clinicals in (a well-known certain Bronx hospital, for all you curious, saavy New York types) has at least two miles […]

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