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First birth

Magic, magic, magic! I’m walking on air right now! Tired, elated, giddy, bouncy, prone to fits of giggling and wide smiles. I caught my first baby today!! Unbelievable. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for a better first day of clinicals. I am so blessed, and so very lucky. The day started bright and early […]

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Oh, the drama

We had the mother of all check-out exams today. Not that they’re actually called check-outs: they’re really called competence perfomance evaluations, but are known informally as check-out exams. Basically, you have to demonstrate your hands-on practical skills to your professors by going through the motions and talking her through the mechanisms of labor, an occiput-anterior […]

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The Suturing Saga continues

Here you can see the lovely vaginas we cut out of our foam blocks to practice on. Notice that the eipisiotomy I cut is crooked. I’ve colored in the different layers: red = muscle layer, pink = submucosal, blue = subcutaneous, purple = subcuticular, and the edge is the mucocutaneous border. All so nice and […]

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Suturing sucks

I feel like I’ve just barely been holding it together the past few weeks, and just barely (by the skin of my teeth) managing to keep on top of things…not that I’m even coming close to getting all of my reading and homework done, but I’ve been doing enough to feel like I’m working hard […]

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Remember where the heart is

So, here’s what I’m taking this semester: Intrapartum Neonatology Postpartum Intro to Teaching And eeegads, that’s a lot! IP and Neo alone are enough to snow someone under, and then they’re putting postpartum and teaching on top of that? When am I going to breathe this semester, let alone eat, sleep, work and blog? But […]

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Welcome back!

I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging. Our move this summer created a long stretch without internet, and I must admit, once I got used to a life without daily internet needs, it was hard to return to the wired world. While I’m a bit disappointed with my somewhat less than inspired summer blogging […]

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Bring on the Summer

DONE!!!! I’m done with the semester!!!!!! Done! Done! Done!!!! Omg, off to go party. Byeeee.

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Hitting the wall

Have definitely gotten to the point tonight that nothing is sinking in anymore. I feel like I’m a sponge full of water, and if you add more water to my oversoaked brain right now, water is just going to end up spilling out of it. Our first exam is tomorrow (well-woman gynecology). I feel woefully […]

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The forest for the trees?

When I’m swamped, I usually don’t have time to post anything here, which is a shame, because it doesn’t allow the faithful reader a full blow-by-blow account of the ins and outs of being a student. So, here’s a five minute post just to render the reality of studenthood a little more clearly for those […]

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Embryology swallows student midwife whole

We take time out now from our regularly scheduled Revolution to give you this small homework update. This week, like last week, is going to be a killer week. Chapter Three of my research proposal is due on Monday, two case presentations in two seperate classes are due next Wednesday, and the mother of all […]

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