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Old and New News Roundup 10/2/07

So, I’m back in the blogosphere again, and realizing that I’ve been missing a lot of important news by taking a vacation for a few months. Here’s a quick overview of some of the stories I’ve found most pressing (and/or impressive) lately, even though some of these stories are old news by blog standards, and […]

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UK midwife responds

My post last week on the UK’s new birth agenda Maternity Matters prompted a UK midwife, Anna Skye, to write the following response on her blog Tales of Midwifery—the Truth. Rather a much-needed reality check, I suppose, to someone (yours truly) whose knowledge of the matter was based only on what she was reading in […]

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Supreme Court upholds abortion ban

Like we didn’t see this coming: as predicted, the newly revamped the Supreme Court is doing its best to steadily chip away at women’s rights without actually having to lift a finger against Roe v. Wade, and in the process is opening the door for State legislatures to enact even more restrictive abortion legislation on […]

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UK’s new birth agenda: “Maternity Matters”

So, I didn’t think I’d be doing much blogging over my holiday, but as luck would have it, there’s a big debate about birth occurring in England right now—so big it’s been splashed across the pages of many of the newspapers I’ve been reading, and absolutely impossible to ignore. UK Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, recently […]

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So, I’ve been a bit incommunicado thanks to the intensity of my clinical schedule, and the fact that last week was our first exam, and I was busy spending every spare minute studying for it (I’m very pleased to report that I did well on my exam, despite my deepest concerns regarding my sincere lack […]

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NAPW guest bloggers over at Feministing

Amanda from Pandagon and Jessica from Feministing, both of whom were lucky enough to attend the National Advocates for Pregnant Women Summit a few weeks ago, decided to continue to explore many of the issues and topics covered at the summit through weekly guest bloggers hosted on Feministing. The first two are up already: Jill […]

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Texas HPV vaccine controversy

Texas governer Rick Perry has recently signed an Executive Order requiring all girls between the ages of 11 and 12 to be vaccinated with Gardasil, Merck’s new HPV vaccine, which is currently the only vaccine on the market that treats HPV (other HPV vaccines from other companies are in the pipeline and soon to be […]

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The news from the NAPW summit

National Advocates for Pregnant Women just concluded its 4 day Summit To Ensure the Health and Humanity of Birthing Women in Atlanta, GA, this past weekend. This summit, one of the first of its kind, was organized by NAPW and NAPW’s director, Lynn Paltrow, to explore the grey area where pregnancy, birth and the law […]

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In the news: cesarean rate rises and VBAC rate declines

Well, huh, this isn’t really news, but better late than never: a very well balanced article from the New York Times examines many of the issues which contribute to the declining rate of VBACs in this country, including doctors’ rising fear of uterine rupture, hospitals’ difficultly in staffing the necessary number of qualified doctors to […]

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I’m running off to class this morning, and I do apologize for the severe lack of posting that’s been happening around this place, but here’s some quick news for all of you: First, the people of South Dakota have spoken loud and clear when it comes to more restrictive abortion legislation. Women’s Health News has […]

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