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An update on the Toys ‘R Us nurse-in

Apparently, 300 people showed up to last week’s Nurse-in at Toys ‘R Us! Wow! Go NYC breastfeeding community! It’s so sad that actions like this are even needed in the first place, but I bet Toys ‘R Us will never make the mistake of harrassing and calling security on a breastfeeding woman again, and every […]

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ACLU joins the Toys ‘R Us fray

Just a quick update on the Toys ‘R Us breastfeeding harrassment I posted about the other day: the ACLU has taken up Chelsi Meyerson’s cause. While breastfeeding harrassment and intolerance probably occurs every minute of every day all over this country, it’s not every day that the ACLU gets involved. So this is really becoming […]

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Breastfeeding harassment in our own backyard

CORRECTION: Nurse-in at Toys ‘R Us Times Square will occur at 11:00 am on Thurs. 9/21, and not 10:30. Breastfeeding harassment in the Big Apple, at a children’s store, no less. And how ironic that this should happen here, in NY State, where we have some of the most protective and progressive breastfeeding legislature of […]

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Get out the breast

In response (backlash?) to all of the negative comments garnered by the BabyTalk magazine cover, here are two very cool pages devoted to posting as many images of breastfeeding as possible: Celebrity Babies (which sports an enormous breastfeeding gallery, and where you can post a picture of yourself—get posting!), and Wet Feet, who has assembled […]

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1 – 7th), here’s this month’s cover of Baby Talk Magazine, which has sadly received a lot of flak for the audacity of putting an enormous breast on the cover of a magazine, with a nursing baby to boot (gods forbid we see images of a breast being […]

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Formula: the new big mac?

So, I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m back, but I’m certainly around again, which is a start (although woefully behind on all the latest news). Moving is a drag, and this move has been a very long, drawn out process. Would you believe that most of our stuff is still in boxes??? We’ve spackled and […]

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The breastfeeding debate continues

We’re in the middle of moving from our blah apartment in midtown to our superfly apartment in Brooklyn (trust me, of the two locales, I’m so much more a brooklyn girl than a midtown girl), so this is going to have to be short and sweet, but the controversy sparked by the Department of Health […]

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Breastfeed or else?

Have any of you seen the new ads yet that are being run on TV by the Department of Health and Human Services to promote breastfeeding? They’re a bit controversial. I was watching one of them with a co-worker this morning at work who had been unable to breastfeed her daughter, and she was quite […]

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Ovulating while breastfeeding

A friend of a friend recently asked me a question that I couldn’t answer. She is in her late 30s, has a two year old daughter, and has been breastfeeding on demand for the past two years. She and her husband have been trying to have another child, but she just recently learned that she […]

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Breastfeeding triumphant

I’ve been working the past two nights, and absolutely loving it, actually. I’ve been on Postpartum, and have just had a lovely crop of women to take care of. Sadly, at my hospital, most women tend to keep their babies in the nursery all night, despite my best efforts to encourage rooming-in. And sadly, breastfeeding […]

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