How have midwives touched your life? Share your story for National Midwifery Week 2011!

Happy National Midwifery Week, everyone!  Here in NYC we kicked off National Midwifery Week with a very successful Miles for Midwives 5K run around Prospect Park.  But there’s a lot more going on nationally this week.  First of all, check out Team Midwife.  A $15 donation to Team Midwife will help the ACNM continue to fund its mission of promoting and supporting midwifery care in this country, and as a member of the team you’ll receive a monthly newsletter featuring women’s health news, resources and stories about amazing midwives, a member badge to display on blogs (for those with blogs *ahem*), and action alerts.  Sounds like a good deal, right?  Right!

But more to the point, I want to hear about all the ways that midwives have touched your lives this year!  Part of the way we’re going to increase the number of midwife-attended births is by getting the word out about how wonderful midwives are in the first place.  So share your story! Share it on the ACNM website, and then share it here, too.  How has a midwife changed your life this year?  What experiences have you had with midwives this year?  How has a midwife supported you this year?  Why do you love your midwife?  Let me know!  And let the world know.

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