Question CPD

I’ve been sick as a dog for the past three days, for the second time this season (I was so sick right before Thanksgiving that I actually lost my voice and had to call in sick to work…something which I NEVER do).  Luckily I’ve had the past 3 days off to recover, but I’m due to be back at work again tomorrow, and I’m not sure how my voice will hold up.  I keep coughing up icky green stuff, and I feel like this is potentially moving into my lungs.  I’m so rarely sick!  It must be all of the chronic stress of being a new midwife which has absolutely blitzed my immune system.  Joy.  At least I’m over the contagious part of it, so that when I’m at work tomorrow I won’t be getting pregnant women ill as well.

In any case, I’m not up for writing much of anything, but I found another amazing video over at Sage Femme’s, and thought I’d share it too.  It’s been up at Sage Femme’s for awhile, and I’ve seen it before, but since I only just recently learned how to embed You Tube videos, might as well polish the new skills, w00t!  This one is ultimately brought to you by the folks over at International Cesarean Awareness Network.  Just goes to show what a bogus diagnosis “cephalo-pelvic disproportion” (CPD) often is, and what a VBAC can accomplish when it’s actually allowed to proceed (which is why the declining VBAC rate is an absolute tragedy).  Baby heads are made to mold, and pelvises are made to stretch.  Given enough time and patience, I believe that almost all babies, regardless of size, will make their way into the world.   And just look at the triumph on these women’s faces.  Talk about blowing a raspberry to the entire technocratic fear-based model of birth!

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