Comprehensive exams: pshaw!

Well, they’re done! Not “pshaw” as in “piece of cake”, but “pshaw” as in: “well, they’re done, don’t know if we passed or not, but at least it’s OVER!” We took our Comprehensive exams yesterday, and all in all, the entire experience feels somewhat anti-climatic: so much preparing and worrying and stress and studying, drilling each other, making flashcards, going over all of our lectures, taking practice tests—hell, we even went on a study retreat at a friend’s cabin in Connecticut, each of us bringing a heavy suitcase filled with books, where we studied pretty much nonstop for two days—and then *poof*, 6 hours later and the exams are over before you even know what hit you! And they were indeed hard: parts of them were harder than other parts, and some things I had expected to be really hard, like the multiple choice section, actually seemed to be somewhat easier than I had anticipated. Last year, only two out of six students passed the Comps the first time around. One student passed them on the retake, and three students had to re-do their Integration. We’re certainly hoping for a better pass-ratio this year, but unfortunately, we won’t know the results until Monday. I am still pretty anxious about it, to be sure, and I have all of my fingers and toes crossed; I’ll keep all of you posted, of course, and thank you so much for all of the support! Last night, though, we went out for drinks anyway just to celebrate the fact that we’re done! No use worrying yourself sick when you can’t do anything about it at this point, might as well just celebrate having survived the entire process, and we’ll worry about re-takes if it comes to that, but not before!

So, I basically have three weeks of intrapartum clinicals left. No school, no classes, just catching babies (wheee!). And then, assuming I passed my comps, all I have left to do is graduate, take the national Board exams, and then….and THEN…..oi, I can’t even say it yet. I don’t want to jinx it. I’ll keep all of you posted.

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