The pitfalls of blogging

This is the simple truth: when life is incredibly busy and overwhelming, and you’re doing all you can just to hold on by the seat of your pants, working through your clinical rotations, attending classes, studying for exams, and also putting in the odd work shift as a nurse so that you can continue to eat…and when life is so damn INTERESTING, and you’re doing amazing things, like catching babies (four so far!!!!) and learning so damn much every day, and falling asleep at night absolutely exhausted, because learning takes so much energy, and 12 hour clinical shifts when all you’re doing the entire time is running around absorbing new information, and trying to make heads and tails of it….well, the point being, BLOGGING is the absolute last thing on the list, unfortunately. Which is a very sad, hard truth, because these are the days—these early, amazing, new days—that I really want to capture on this blog! I can only hope that once a few of these exams are out of the way, I can finally catch my breath…and catch up on the things further down the list (i.e. poor abandoned Belly Tales). Until then, I’ll be catching babies. Bye!

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