An update on the Toys ‘R Us nurse-in

Apparently, 300 people showed up to last week’s Nurse-in at Toys ‘R Us! Wow! Go NYC breastfeeding community! It’s so sad that actions like this are even needed in the first place, but I bet Toys ‘R Us will never make the mistake of harrassing and calling security on a breastfeeding woman again, and every bit of education helps. I wonder what the employees will do next time they see a nursing woman? Hopefully leave her in peace! The Daily News picked up the story here.

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  1. heatherw
    Posted September 28, 2006 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

    There’s one thing I never quite understood about these nursing protests. Can someone explain? Are you supposed to buy something when you are there, to show the store that nursing moms = $$$, or are you supposed to NOT buy things, like a boycott?

    Chances are, if I walked into a ToysRUs, I’d walk out with a pack of onesies and some rubber dinosaurs.

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