Welcome back!

I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging. Our move this summer created a long stretch without internet, and I must admit, once I got used to a life without daily internet needs, it was hard to return to the wired world. While I’m a bit disappointed with my somewhat less than inspired summer blogging output, it was actually a very nice break. However, today being the first day of the new semester, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. I am already regretting my steadfast refusal to crack a textbook all summer, because the amount of work that now awaits me is rather monumental. Honestly, though, it’s fantastic to finally, ACTUALLY be in IP (i.e., Intrapartum, i.e. the class that focuses on labor and birth). It feels like the real meat and potatoes of midwifery, the main course after eating appetizers for all of last year. I’m so excited about learning all of this that I came home from school and immediately threw open those summer-neglected textbooks, and I’ve been reading and studying and working on my IP module all night. Hopefully this burst of enthusiasm will last for quite awhile, because I’m sure I’ll need it.

It was also very nice to be reunited with my fellow student-midwife sisters, none of whom I saw over the summer. Lots of hugs and chit chat and catching up. Our school has the tradition of pairing returning students with new students, in a big sister/little sister arrangement, and today for the first timeI was a big sis, which was also an interesting new perspective. As returning students we were also responsible for the traditional first day potluck, and I’m pleased to say that we outdid ourselves. The table was heavy with food, just like this year is heavy with anticipation. May it be every bit as delicious as I hope it will be!

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