And now for something completely different

I’ve been tagged by Melissa over at A Womb of her Own to answer a meme, which is not my usual fare, but hey, what the hell. Anything to lighten the mood. Here are 8 totally random things about me:

1. When I was a young child, I had an imaginary friend named Whaley. I have no idea why he was named that, but I used to insist that we set an extra place for him at the dinner table. My first stuffed animals were also named Alacross, Blueshields and Katarooley (sp?), and my blanket was named Blounrey (pronounced bloon-ray). Hmmmm.

2. There are two pretty prominant dimples just below my back (where the skin seems to connect directly to the posterior, superior iliac spine, without much padding underneath), just like britney spears!

3. Early aspirations included being a veterinarian or an animator for Walt Disney.

4. One of my favorite foods is salsa. Which is also my favorite condiment. In fact, with the possible exception of desserts, I think that a hearty helping of salsa makes just about everything taste better, and I’ve been known to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon, like chunky, spicy gazpacho.

5. I hiccouph approximately once an hour. In fact, my beloved boy has been known to time my hiccups on occassion, and they are, in fact, just about on the hour.

6. My two adoreable cats have been known to show each other a little bit more than just brotherly love from time to time. We’re pretty sure we know which one is the bottom, and which one is the top, too. And the bottom never sounds that happy about it. Given that they’re both neutered, and are actually littermates….does this make them incestuous gay cat lovers? Or is it really just about the alpha cat showing the beta cat who’s boss? I can never tell.

7. I’ve been to London roughly 9 times in the past 2 years, not including living there for 6 months last year. Impressive, eh?

8. One of my favorite brain-candy TV shows is Pimp My Ride, 2nd season especially. But alas, I do not own a TV (which is actually just fine by me), so I haven’t had an opportunity to watch any episodes since I was living in London. I don’t own a car, either. Go figure.

And now, without further adieu, I pass this random meme on to LadyElms over at Midwiffle Seed and K over at Told Not to Blog, should either of them be at all interested in taking up the torch (no pressure!).

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