The morality of forced motherhood?

Wow, just read a brutally blunt article over at the Tennessee Guerilla Women website that really lays into the morality of forcing women to have unwanted babies in a society that is anti-family, anti-health and anti-life (and no, not life as in pro-life, but anti-living well and healthy, on every level: physical, emotional, spiritual etc.). Tennessee Guerilla Women tell it like it is!

“There is nothing “pro-life” about a nation that has the highest child poverty rate in the developed world. If the goal is to persuade American women to give birth to more children, this nation is going to have to join the rest of the developed world and get serious about coughing up a pro-family, pro-life policy.”

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  1. heatherw
    Posted March 4, 2006 at 1:50 pm | Permalink

    This is a bit poorly researched. At least the Catholic Church has the moral high ground. For as long as I can remember, on the federal level, they have been lobbying for more help for women, children, and disadvantaged families. A current major initiative is in expanding health care coverage for poor children. On the local level, they do a fantastic job of re-distributing used baby equipment, maternity clothes, and surplus diapers. I spent many a day as a Catholic youth at the regional donation center, inventorying and processing “pro-life” related donations. So did many others I knew. Yet I knew no one from my parish who was involved in anti-abortion related activism.

    This is far more fitting criticism for many of the pro-choice organizations, who seem to deny that the sad state of women who have surprise pregnancies could essentially be prevented by changes in our social policies. The last time I received propaganda from NARAL, I wanted to vomit. The letter drew heavily on statistics regarding poverty among teenage mothers, and for that reason, I should be defending our rights to abortions. Sure! That’s the answer! Those poor mothers should all have had abortions! Never mind that they didn’t want them. Childbearing should be a luxury for the rich and middle-aged. As if poverty is caused by motherhood, and is preventable by abortions, not better services. Whenever I do receive information in the mail from pro-choice organizations, I find the writing is often full of language that devalues families, children, and mothers. I can’t relate, and I certainly can’t stomach sending them money. But I will probably be giving all my baby things to Catholic Charities.

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