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Colicky Babes, Part Deux

Don’t you just love it when birthing or breastfeeding or babies makes it to the front page of the New York Times? I do! Go check out today’s front page (well, the online front page, at least). There’s a very fun article there by Nina Bernstein about the diversity of colic remedies for new babies—as […]

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Homebirth in the Capital Region

Homebirth is legal in New York State, but only if you are a licensed midwife, and only if you have a practice agreement worked out with a doctor or hospital that explicitly allows the midwife to deliver at home. There are homebirth midwives who practice here in New York City, and homebirth midwives in upstate […]

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Updates all around

I’ve been a bad blogger, lately, and haven’t been writing posts nearly as often as I should. Which is not to say that nothing has been happening lately (in fact, I’ve been quite busy, and have been having a hard time finding a moment to write), but none of it has seemed particularly news-worthy. School […]

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We’ve come a long way

My heart goes out to our poor grandmothers and mothers! Thank the gods for all the progress we’ve made!

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