The Quiet before the storm

There’s not much on my plate this week, schoolwise, so it’s easy to let your gaurd down, especially with Thanksgiving this week, and that lovely holiday feeling in the air, but Note To Self: it’s only the deep breath before the plunge! Starting next week, and moving into December, things are going to get Very Busy ™. Next week (the 29th), my presentation on hyperthyroidism is due for primary care; we’ll also be receiving our final take-home exams on class on that day, due the following week (12/6). Then the week after, I have the second chapter of my Research proposal due on Dec. 5th (i.e., a veritable TON of writing to get done); I also have an exam in Physical Health Assessment of Women that day. So, basically, next week will be crazed, writing my research proposal chapter, and studying for all of these upcoming exams. After that, though, the semester is nearly finished, with only one more exam to go on 12/13, but it will be a doozy: our Pelvic Assessment of Women exam, which will include all the muscles of the perineum, all the bones of the pelvis, pelvimetry, speculum exams, specimen collection and the external and internal anatomy of the female. Good lord!! I’m getting a bit stressed just thinking about it. I better make the most of this coming week.

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