Now here is a diaper product it seems like I can really throw my weight behind: Flushable diapers! What a neat idea: putting the solid waste where it belongs, in a toilet, rather than a landfill. Another environmentally friendly alternative to disposables, and perhaps these diapers are even a bit better than cloth (and certainly use less water, for those of us who like to conserve). It’s hard to know for sure, but it does seem like this company has done its homework: they’ve accounted for their environmental impact, they’ve tested their product on 6 different US toilet brands, they’ve followed these diapers through the waste management system as well as conventional composting, they’ve made sure that the companies they work with operate under fair labor laws, and truly seem to care about kids, diapers, parents and the planet. Neat! And really refreshing to see. I’ve always assumed that when I have a kid eventually, s/he is going to have a cloth-diapered tush, but now, who knows….maybe s/he’ll wear flushables. Check it out!

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