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The plural of pelvis is pelves

You know you’re in midwifery school when you board the morning subway with a model pelvis nonchalantly tucked under your arm, and it takes you at least five sleep-smudged minutes to figure out why everyone is staring discreetly at you. Today was awesome. Absolutely amazing. All my pelvimetry quandaries…well, after 6 hours of lecture exclusively […]

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Pelvimetry for dummies

I’ve spent the afternoon reading sentences like this: The pelvic sidewalls extend from the upper anterior angle of the sacrosciatic notch at the point of the widest transverse diameter of the pelvic inlet in a downward and forward line to the ischial tuberosities at the point of the widest transverse diameter of the pelvic outlet. […]

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Speculums (at last!)

Bet you never thought you’d hear the word “speculum” followed by ecstatic whoops of joy, but there you go. We’ve finally gotten to the GOOD stuff. After learning about corneas and retinas, absolutely disgusting skin lesions, breast exams, five point auscultation of the heart, percussion of the lung fields, superficial and deep abdominal palpation…yes, ladies […]

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Controlling who can and cannot have IVF?

Yesterday, I thought we were living in a terrible nightmare where The Handmaid’s Tale was on the verge of becoming reality. To quote extensively from Brendan Coyne’s article in The New Standard: Oct. 5 – A legislative commission in Indiana may recommend the state adopt strict new rules governing medically-assisted reproduction. The proposed legislation would […]

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The Language of Breastfeeding

I don’t remember how I first found Kimberly Bobrow’s website; I am a chronic surfer, and links link you to links which then link you to links, until you can’t really recall the path you took that got you to where you ended up. But, in any case, I have just read a fascinating article […]

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Muscles of the Perineum

Good grief, are there enough of them??? We spent yesterday going over each and every muscle in detail, reviewing it’s anatomic location, insertion, origin and purpose, and by the end of the class, I seriously thought my brain was going to explode. The bulbocavernosus. The ischiococcygeus. The pubococcygeus, which is composed of the pubovaginalis, puborectalis […]

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National Midwifery Week

Ta da! Let the education of your local community begin.

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