Suggestions, anyone?

A little administrivia. There are a few topics on this website that have no posts at all yet, or are otherwise a little thin. Which I would happily amend, but I need a few suggestions. I created the new products section because I thought it would be neat to review and discuss new products that have come out on the midwifery/parenting market, such as breastfeeding aids (pumps, shells, nursing bras etc.), the latest baby wrap that can keep the kiddo strapped to you in fashionable papoose style, the newest/bestest cloth diaper, or fastener etc. etc. The problem is, I don’t actually have any kids of my own yet, so I don’t really know what to review, and buying a nursing product when I’m not nursing is going to be sort of like a man trying to test out the latest greatest new tampon. So, does anyone have any suggestions for products which I can review? Alternately, if anyone would like to write up a review of a new product, feel free! You can e-mail your reviews to me at

Additionally, there are still NO birth stories up in the birth stories section. And sure, I could certainly write about any of the amazing, beautiful births I have seen and attended, but I really was sort of hoping that other people would share their birth stories as well, either their own personal story, or the story of a birth they’d seen and attended. So, if anyone’s willing to bite the bullet on that one, we’d love to hear it! Send your stories to, and I will post them sharpish (posts can be annonymous, using your first name only, or with your full name, it’s up to you). Otherwise, I will have to write up birth stories myself, which is fine by me, and it’s certainly nice to share the births I’ve seen with other people, but don’t you guys ever get tired of listening to me yap all the time? Yeah, I thought so. So, contribute!

Finally, if anyone has some lovely birth art they’d love to share, or any questions they’d like me to tackle, again, you know where to find me, and I am ready and eager to try to find answers to your questions, or post your artwork with loud praise. Full credit will be given to every artist, of course, and I can host the pictures on my server, so you don’t have to worry about bandwith.

Consider this an official call for submissions.

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