Our peer pelvics are tomorrow, and the check-out exam for my partner and I is this Thursday, which is when we’ll perform our head-to-toe assessment, pelvics and all, in front of our professors! So, I’ll be seeing a lot of vaginas this week (although, given my job, I tend to see a lot of vaginas anyway…but I’m never the one inserting the speculum, and certainly never graded on it *eep*). Aaaanyway, I thought I’d mark the occassion by sharing two of my all time favorite vagina sites EVAR: All About My Vagina and Vagina Pagina. All About My Vagina is a fantastic site which is exactly what it sounds like: a young woman’s detailed exploration of absolutely everything having to do with her vagina—arousal, sex, orgasms, smells, ovulation, menstruation, health and wellness, yeast infections—you name it, it’s in there, and all done so well, with tons of humour and frankness and curiousity. Vagina Pagina is a great place to ask and find answers to all of those vagina-related questions that you’ve always wanted to know about, and the Live Journal community is full of bright, fiesty vagina-lovin’ women, with a ton of support thrown in for good measure. They’re both fantastic places to visit…often. I’ll leave you to enjoy them; I’ve got to go study.

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