The plural of pelvis is pelves

You know you’re in midwifery school when you board the morning subway with a model pelvis nonchalantly tucked under your arm, and it takes you at least five sleep-smudged minutes to figure out why everyone is staring discreetly at you.

Today was awesome. Absolutely amazing. All my pelvimetry quandaries…well, after 6 hours of lecture exclusively on the pelvis—it’s tuberosities, spines, crests, ligaments, foramen, diameters, planes, pelvic sidewalls, pelvic types, inlets, outlets, cavities—all of a sudden, miraculously, ALL of it makes sense! In fact, I feel as if I have a pretty good grip on the subject matter, shockingly enough. Why did I beat my brain into a bloody pulp this weekend reading those damned text books over and over, and staring at diagrams, and wanting to cry, when really, all I had to do was not read a bit of it, and just show up to lecture? Who knew?? I’m going to chuck the rest of my reading in the bin. Text books. Bah.

Seriously, though, mad props to our professor today, who was able to take such a maddening, confusing subject and actually make it learnable. She needs a pseudonym for the purposes of this blog. I will be taking suggestions, starting now. Professor Kickass is certainly appropriate, but doesn’t quite have the ring I’m looking for.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to issue a cautionary *eep* with regards to next week. Next week is looking a bit crazy. Our physical assessment check-out exams are NEXT WEEK, as in, we have to be prepared to physically examine our partners from top to bottom, quite literally, displaying our adeptness with otoscope, opthalmoscope, stethascope and speculum. On top of all of that, the first chapter of my research proposal is due next week, and our Primary Care exams are looming. We’re obviously fast approaching the middle of the semester, here, at break neck speed. I am woefully behind in all my subjects, and I haven’t even started writing a single word for research yet. To make matters more interesting, I will also be attending a wedding this weekend, so study time will be at a severe shortage. Crazy all-nighters are something I was quite content to chalk up to my bygone undergrad days, but sadly, I have a feeling they may be coming back for an encore performance. I guess I should start stockpiling the coffee now.

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