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Day Six: Finding a routine

So, what’s midwifery school been like so far? Well, busy. I realized I should be documenting a lot more of the details of these first few magical weeks for posterity, but I haven’t quite figured out how to fit consistent internet time into my new schedule. I’m sure as the weeks progress I’ll get a […]

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Snowed Under

Right, so…I knew midwifery school wasn’t going to be a piece of cake or anything, and I am completely prepared to devote every scrap of energy I have to this endeavor…however, I just want to say: *gasp*! Plunging into school like this has felt a bit like jumping into an icy pool of water. I […]

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The worst part of my job

I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but for privacy concerns (as well as emotional reasons), I delayed posting it until now. After reading it, I think you might understand why.

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Day One

Orientation, paperwork handed out, student handbook purused, grading policies discussed, schedules examined, class lists exchanged, ACNM membership required, student expectations and requirements laid out, school policies reviewed etc. etc., followed by a fabulous welcoming pot-luck with a groaning table full of food and all of the returning students partnered up with the new students to […]

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In other news…

Amid all of the grief, and the dismal, bleak news of the past week, and the all-consuming tragedy of Katrina, I haven’t been talking much about something very important, and very exciting: midwifery school starts tomorrow!!!!! Wish me luck!! I can’t wait!

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Americans abandoned on American soil

I’m sorry, this post is entirely Katrina related, without a shred of midwifery in it at all…however, I am SO outraged that I can’t even see straight. I can’t believe this administration is trying to lay blame on the local authorities. Feeling angered about the Federal government’s response to this disaster yet? No? Watch this. […]

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“We were delivering babies in the dark”

“We were delivering babies in the dark, with nothing more than a flashlight.”

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As if things could get much worse…

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist passed away last night in his home in Virginia.

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FDA ruling indefinitely postponed

A few weeks ago, when Governor Pataki vetoed the Emergency Contraception bill, I mentioned that the FDA was going to issue a ruling on the safety of selling EC over the counter on September 1st. Well, September 1st has come and gone…and the ruling has failed to materialize. Lester M. Crawford, the FDA’s newly appointed […]

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Our hearts are with you down South

In every city, every day, every hour, there are women giving birth. My heart is with all of the women of the south right now who may be laboring or giving birth under such terrifying circumstances, in dark rooms, without electricity.

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