Goooood morning

There’s nothing like illustrated pictures of skin lesions to wake you up in the morning! After getting up, pouring my cereal and stumbling blearily over to my desk, there they were: last night’s homework spread all over the place, the page open to primary and secondary skin lesions. Yum yum. Syphillitic chancres, Actinic keratosis, squamos cell carcinoma, full color examples of stage IV pressure ulcers with tissue necrosis, spider angiomas, examples of hands and feet covered in pustular psoriasis, erosions, crusts, lichenification, herpes simplex vesicles, nodules with telangiectasia…all this crazy stuff I’m supposed to know! Eeeegads, how do dermatologists do it? Word to the wise: illustrated examples of skin lesions can really put you off your cereal.

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