Day One

Orientation, paperwork handed out, student handbook purused, grading policies discussed, schedules examined, class lists exchanged, ACNM membership required, student expectations and requirements laid out, school policies reviewed etc. etc., followed by a fabulous welcoming pot-luck with a groaning table full of food and all of the returning students partnered up with the new students to chit-chat and get acquainted. Lots of eager questions, nervous questions, reassurance and support. The faculty seemed incredibly warm, compassionate and dedicated to their work, which was lovely. I got the impression that they loved what they did, and were very serious about it, and expected nothing less from us, which is good: high expectations are a sign of respect, in my opinion, and I am so excited about plunging into all of this knowledge that I welcome their expectations and their challenge. I want to rise to it. I also got the sense that they were not interested in sweating the small stuff, and their sense of humor was palpable: all very reassuring signs. The other students in my class also seemed very nice as well; there are 12 of us total in my year. It’s hard to say at this point who my friends will be, or if we’ll all get along as a cohesive group, but I’ve always been told that the friends you make in midwifery school are friends you’ll keep for the rest of your life. I don’t really know anyone yet, but I really hope that is the case.

The afternoon was spent orientating to our classes more specifically. I will be taking three classes this semester: Primary Health Assessment of Women (which includes learning how to perform a full physical exam, including pelvics), Primary Health Care of Women, and Research I. It doesn’t sound like much until you actually look at the schedule. I staggered out at the end of the day feeling slightly panicked. Now that I’ve had a chance to look over all the material a bit more carefully, it looks totally do-able, but there is a TON of work to be done. I already have homework assigned for tomorrow.

The best part of the day was the fact that OMG, I’M FINALLY IN MIDWIFERY SCHOOL. The professors kept saying things like “you need to know this as a midwife“, or “this is a crucial skill to master as a midwife“, or “when you’re midwives practicing on your own…”. I thought I could just die from happiness right there the spot. I am no longer in nursing school; people no longer talk about my future as a nurse, but my future as a midwife. It is finally beginning to sink in: this dream is going to become reality. I am finally in midwifery school!

And now, without further adieu….homework.

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