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Governor Pataki: Shame on You!

In a bold (and rather disgusting) political move, Governor Pataki decided to veto the Emergency Contraception (EC) bill which had been passed by both houses of the NY State Assembly in a truly remarkable bipartisan effort. The announcement of the veto had already been made by the time I arrived at the EC rally this […]

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O Come All Ye Activists

Just to give all of you in the NYC a heads up: there is going to be a NARAL rally this Thursday in front of Governor Pataki’s NYC office to show support for the Emergency Contraception bill which was passed by the legislature back in June. You might recall my gleefull hoots of excitement when […]

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A few more NYC resources

Just a quick heads-up to let you know that and The Metropolitan Doula Group have been added as links under the following headings: Midwifery–> NY State Midwifery Links, Education–>Birth Education and Labor and Birth–>Birth Support. BirthFocus, like Realbirth, offers several different childbirth preparation classes for pregnant women in NYC, as well as referrals for […]

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Sing it, sister!

A friend loaned me a copy of The Arkansas Midwives’ Book of Choices, which is an absolutely beautiful creation. Basically, it’s an informative guide for women in Arkansas, gently educating them about midwifery and the options that midwifery provides. It starts with an overview of what a woman’s birth options are, then segues into who […]

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