The homebirth birth kit

I was browsing in the Midwifery Today forums earlier this evening and I found the most amazing link: a homebirth midwife has actually taken the time to photograph (in great detail) all the contents of her birth kit. The entire thing is beautifully organized and documented, and very illuminating. For quite some time now I’ve known that someday I want to be a homebirth midwife, but I have never yet stopped to think about all the details that will entail: the supplies, the equiptment, the O2 tanks, the organization, the mode of transportation. This link makes it much more real, and much easier to imagine (and it does look like she has a good system—certainly something worth studying and possibly imitating), but oh man! The task of putting together a birth kit seems a bit daunting. Fun, certainly, to shop for all of those supplies and assemble your first kit, but what a ton of stuff that must be acquired! Three enormous bag-fuls! Thank goodness this is still many, many years down the road for me. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it right now, let alone afford it, but it’s nice to catch a glimpse and get a rough idea of what is going to be needed, further down the line.

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