O Come All Ye Activists

Just to give all of you in the NYC a heads up: there is going to be a NARAL rally this Thursday in front of Governor Pataki’s NYC office to show support for the Emergency Contraception bill which was passed by the legislature back in June. You might recall my gleefull hoots of excitement when I first found out the bill had passed. This bill gives pharmacists and nurses the right to dispense the Morning After Pill to any woman in NY State who asks for it through the use of blanket prescriptions written by a doctor or midwife (yay!) or NP, thereby making it much easier to obtain and use within the 72 hour deadline necessary for this form of contraception to work. Now, all that’s left is for Governor Pataki to sign this bill into Law, and we’re set! So, come show your support, if you’re in the neighborhood, and hang out with other cool, like-minded, strong (and did I mention devilishly sexy?) supporters. All the details are below:

    WHAT: EC Rally
    DATE: Thursday, August 4
    TIME: 5:00 pm
    LOCATION: Across from 633 3rd Ave., between 40th & 41st Streets, opposite from Governor Pataki’s NYC Office.
    FOR MORE INFO: Contact ewynbrandt@prochoiceny.org or 212-343-0114 ext. 21
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