Supreme Court jitters

The terror of the upcoming Supreme Court nomination has been keeping me awake at night. No joke. I’d like to believe that the Supreme Court would never overturn Roe v. Wade, if only because the political backlash from such an act would devastate conservative hopes for re-election, and the Republican party would never let that happen. Instead, it would be far easier (and much more nefarious) to simply chip away at women’s rights one small decision at a time, without ever going for the Roe v. Wade jugular. Which is not really a comforting thought after all. On the other hand, I guess if the Supreme Court ever DID overturn Roe v. Wade, we’d be practically gauranteed a liberal president and Congress for the next 16 years.

NARAL Pro-Choice has put together a pretty thorough list of potential nominees, and from a pro-choice point of view, it looks pretty bleak. You can view their bios here. And, by the way, if you’re pro-choice or give half a damn about your reproductive rights, now might be a good time to join NARAL.

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